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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
Trivia News & Events
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Jim Rash And Joel McHale Recreate \"True Detective\" This happened

Elders Watch Shakira Music Video, Need Jaws Picked Up Off Floor (VIDEO)
Shakira and Rihanna can leave just about anyone drooling, but when it comes to these elders, the sho

This UNC Student Just Dropped His Class By Dropping His Pants (VIDEO)
It was a metaphorical strip show. After deciding to put his biology class in the rear view mirror, N

Los Angeles Times Writes Perfect Headline For John Travolta\'s Oscar Fail Whether it meant to or not, The Los Ang

Paranoid Oscar Pistorius Still Thinks Burglar After Him PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA

Infographic: Changes To The SAT The College Board has a

NHL Outdoor Games Inspiring More Kids To Go Outside And Play Hockey At Local NFL Stadiums CHICAGO—Claiming that the events have

American Voices: New ‘Normal Barbie’ Doll Has Proportions Of Average Woman In an effort to prevent young girls from dev

Iditarod Musher Limiting Self To Eating Just One Husky Per Day GALENA, AK—Stress

The 41 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened

Goldman Sachs Just Destroyed Its Archenemy In A Single Tweet
NEW YORK (AP) — Publication has been canceled for a planned book based on a popular and anonym

Desperate Catholic Church Now Offering Sainthood To Anyone Who Regularly Attends Weekly Mass VATICAN CITY—Alert

BREAKING: Imperial Inspector To Arrive By Railcar This Very Afternoon Hang The Ribbons, Sweep The Streets—Ev

Report: Burying, Cremating Baby Boomers To Generate $200 Trillion In GDP NEW YORK—Describin

Parents Urge Son To Invest In Improv Comedy Education CHICAGO—Calling it the most valuable d

Statshot: Discontinued Fast Food Items Discontinued Fast Food Items  

This Puppy Is On Top Of The World About The Day Ahead (VIDEO)
When Mike and his girlfriend, Caroline, got a new puppy named Tobias, they wanted to capture the exc

Social Media Facts And Figures
Social Media Facts And Figures     – – #Celebr

Adam Carolla Weighs In On Women In Late Night TV (VIDEO)
Comedian Adam Carolla stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about his new show on Spike TV, “Catch

Stephen Colbert Mocks Bill O\'Reilly Claim That There\'s A \'Downside\' To Having A Female President
Hillary Clinton’s potential run in the 2016 presidential election has raised questions about h

Guy In Yoga Pants Pranks Male Passersby And Shows What Some Women Have To Put Up With
When Yousef Saleh Erakat aka Fousey Tube puts on leggings and bends over to grab something out of hi

Dad\'s Plea To Stop The \'Let It Go\' Insanity May Actually Be The Best Parody Yet
Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” has been covered, parodied, then covered and parodied aga

Watch Daryl From \'The Walking Dead\' Read \'Romantic\' BroApp Texts
Thanks to the absurdity of BroApp, last night we got to see Daryl from “The Walking Dead

300: Rise of An Empire Trailer Comment Parody
What if movie trailers quoted YouTube comments instead of critics? YouTube comments can be some of t

Food Porn: You\'re Doing It Wrong
There’s playing with your food, and then there’s this. Here’s food like you never

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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
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