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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
Trivia News & Events
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You Haven\'t Seen Anyone Give Up On Life As Hard As These Subtitle Writers Who Worked During Kanye\'s Concert
Flickr / Steve Jurvetson Apparently the folks at BBC who were in charge of writing the subtitles for

Pakistani News Anchor Behind The Camera Very Funny Must Watch

BREAKING: Family Sues Crayola for Gay Son
It is any parent’s nightmare to wake up one day and have a child tell them he was gay. But tha

Another great monthly news blooper compilation
Another month, another monthly news blooper compilation, courtesy of NewsBeFunny.   Can’t

French Parents Forbidden By Court From Naming Their Baby Girl Nutella
Ella just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 1. A French court has ruled that a baby girl cannot be n

‘Admin is pissed off beyond belief\': Time for Wasserman Schultz to ‘say bye’?
How ya feelin, @dwstweets? — H (@Tark31) September 17, 2014 We’re guessing … not all that grea

Noticias graciosas
¡Hola, holita! Vayamos al grano (let’s get to the point). Reading newspaper articles is import

Twitter Gold: You don\'t know fractions
The other day on Twitter two Arsenal fan’s had a rather funny argument about the age of Porto

Sex Tape in Space - if PornHub get their way
So here’s a story you probably didn’t expect to read today!  PornHub are reportedly

Have A Laugh: Brazilian Con Man and His \"Holy\" Penis
The third world is the turd world for a good reason: massive dumbness.

British automotive mark Atalanta revives 75-year-old roadster, Twitter drools
“@ericinva: Want! RT @PurduePetesGirl: Britain's 75-year-old 'new' car:

Stop the Natural Nutrition Train! I Need to Get Off NOW!
Yup, that’s me. I do look younger than most nearly 58-year-old women, don’t I? Or am I d

Rainbow over Tacloban inspires typhoon survivors in the Philippines [photos]
A rainbow smiled over typhoon-ravaged Tacloban today. We are hopeful. Thank you, friends, for all yo

How \"Parks And Recreation\" Created A Futuristic Pawnee
Parks and Rec co-creator Michael Schur tells BuzzFeed how those snazzy gadgets — including Gry

Helped him get those virgins -POPM

Just Discovered A \'Secret\' Town With Only 2000 People. And It\'s Unbelievable.
There’s an extremely good chance that you’ve never heard of Alderney Island. That’

Finally, A Reason to Care About Politics
Another candidate. Another election.Another reason to take a nap. Do you have chronic voter apathy?

I\'m Not Saying All Vegetarians Are This Crazy, But Why Would Anyone Do This?
When you hear the words “vegetarian festival,” you probably don’t think of a parade of people walkin

Theres A Earthquake
Read more: Read More:Just Click Here

I Just Came Back In From Letting My Dog Out
Read more:

15 Strange & Funny Porn Facts
15 Strange and Funny Facts About Porn Wikimedia Lowest Porn Rate Chris Cocker Chyna How is this poss

Sleepy Spelling Elephant Anthrax!
There were so many funny odds and ends in the news this week that I couldn’t choose  just one

Amanda Marcotte: GOP politicians obsessed with young women having sex
Does this make sense to any1? RT @AmandaMarcotte: # of hours dedicated by Repubs to punishng sex exc

21 Dick Moves Every Original \"Animal Crossing\" Player Made
Anything for more bells. 1. Created an account with a strange name. View this image › Nintendo / Via

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