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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
Trivia News & Events
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New Document
\"Important\" Study of Porn found to be inconclusive: Researchers say they need to study more porn
“Study.” A new study has established a connection between watching pornography and dimin

White Sox Fan Catches Bat, Saves Baby [VIDEO]
We know that 50 Cent was the least valuable player in major-league baseball last night. Now meet Eil

Ed Miliband trying to......................................................
Can Ed Miliband do anything without looking retarded, see a few pictures here.      

Episode 29: Dr. Strange-Don or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Eat Food with a Stuffed Hippo
 **Disclaimer** This podcast and blog are intended only for mature audiences. The podcast will conta

Virgin Atlantic announce glass bottomed planes! Amazing!
  Richard Branson is announce that Virgin has created another world-first with the introduction

Insane Inventor Creates a Pair of Magneto Shoes [VIDEO]
Some mad genius has been building devices that give him mutant powers and this time, he’s crea

Moyes questioned by police over fight!
Moyes questioned by police over fight! Former Manchester United manager David Moyes is to be quizzed

Want to see the worst wax museum in history? This is Hilarious all pictures here-
A waxworks which has been described as Britain’s worst museum is facing closure because its elderly

Student calls Bomb Threat during Graduation to Hide Drop Out From Family
We’ve all tried to hide things from our parents. When the truth is about to surface, sometimes

Mugshot of the Year: Drunk Mom Is Strongest Contender Yet...
Sandra Grohman is a 29-year-old mother who was arrested  for public intoxication–which was pro

Pope Francis Says He Will Baptize Aliens
Calm down, calm down. We haven’t actually been contacted by extraterrestrial life, but its good news

Police FINALLY unmask the \"Mystery Pooper\"
At what level of insanity do you have to be at to say “I’m going to go to a child’s playground and t

Man charged with 9th DUI! How does he still have his license??
Now this is only his 9th time being CAUGHT! Who knows how many more times he must have gotten away w

Immigrant to be thrown out of Germany For Being Overqualified
Simran Sodhi, an Indian woman living in Berlin is being threatened with deportation because immigrat

Injured Wolf Gets Help in Touching Display of...AARRGH! [VIDEO]
Sadly, we’re at the point where we expect to see Jimmy Kimmel’s smiling face at the end

The unprecedented development projects under PP within Two Years have politically disarmed opposition Parties by
Polical observers have stated that the Malawi Opposition Parties lacking of subtance and vision in t

Local Man Forced to Pay Ransom
By Nathan Joyner Luckily the local man already had a bag full of money. Oklahoma City, OK- Sources s

Court Approves Limited Crucifictions
                In a stunning move, seemingly timed to contr

Aussie Show Host Almost Shoots Herself In Face With Nail Gun [VIDEO]
Sarah Harris is one of the hosts of an Australian television show called Studio 10–and we

Man arrested and charged over dressing dog in tracksuit.
The sick man was arrested for animal cruelty in Chirk, Wrexham Monday as his house was raided by RSP

Have a look at these funny animals.
Have a look at these funny animals. If you enjoy the clip, do not forget to appreciate it!!

Criminals \'Like\' on Facebook leads to his own arrest!!
In the 21st century, social media is something that has come to rule our lives. People of all ages a

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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
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