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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
Trivia News & Events
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Groom Calls Off Wedding When He Sees Bride Like An Old Lady
Pranks have taken a new toll on our society nowadays and many people like to give it a shot. From te

Sea Monkey Company Admits To Lying About Crowns
The company that produced ‘Sea Monkey’ products has finally admitted to lying about them

Turner Prize For Man That Stuffed 9 Crème Eggs Up Bum
A 34 year old man from Lancashire has been awarded this year’s prestigious art award the Turner Priz

Community Post: Which Vintage \'90s Cereal Are You?
Are you classically sweet or boringly bland? Martien Uiterweerd / Via Flickr: 35110249@N05   Ch

See That Tiny Little Island In That Lake? Well, It\'s About To Blow Your Mind... Trust Me.
The tiny little island of Vulcan Point in the Philippines is the world’s largest island within

‘Disrespectful\': Students disgusted at districts holding school on Memorial Day!/ofwgkjake/status/470892928143872000 Memorial Day is supposed to be devoted to

Fools! It Can Never Be Tamed...
Read more:

17 Times \"DuckTales\" Was The Most Delightfully Crazy Show On TV
REMINDER: DuckTales was sort of insane. 1. The episode where they parodied Homer’s Odyssey, co

This Guy Woke Up To A Horrifying Sight. The Only Thing More Shocking Is Who Did It.
One morning, this Redditor woke up to his front porch completely riddled with holes. It looked like

Got An A In Chem!! Wtf, Well Done
Read more:

Roseanne calls Susan Rice ‘a man with big swinging ape balls’
.@TheRealRoseanne I see you apologized for your statement; but you shouldn't have gone there in

Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Renders Husbands Obsolete
Husbands are to be phased out and replaced with Benedict Cumberatches made out of chocolate, accordi

I\'m Not Black, White, Or Anything...
Read more:

So Pure. You Were So Untouched And You
Read more:

Heh: Dennis Miller has a better idea than sending Syria ‘save the date’ attack cards
We should become Syria's Investment Counselor, apply our principles, bankrupt them into the Ston

Stoke Man Gets Decapitated, Goes To Port Vale Vs Stoke City Match Anyway
Plucky 54 year old Potbank supervisor Allen Oatcake from Burslem lost his entire head and one of his

Misophonia - Why You Get Angry When You Hear People Chew
We’ve all witnessed somebody eating with their mouth open, and probably felt like punching them in t

Crist says racism drove him out of GOP, not losing to a Hispanic
Charlie Crist – "racism" drove me from party – says the guy who LOST PRIMARY T

Napping Man On Couch ‘Actually Still Awake You Silly Cow’
A 38 year old man from Northampton that fell asleep on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon has strenuousl

Anaheim, Calif., police accused of brutality; angry protests; riot cops on scene
Anaheim Police Go On A Rampage Against Citizens: via @youtube — cathy dav

Jason Manford \'soaked\' after getting lost in Milton Keynes following The Producers show
Comedian Jason Manford got ‘soaked’ as he walked home and found himself lost following a

The Oscar Nominees Are Leonardo Di Caprio
Read more:

Heh: Rick Leventhal hacked by daughter; Gets awesome dad revenge!
Fun fact about Rick: just found mayo in his fridge that expired 3 years ago, and I think he recently

I Put Google Eyes On My Drift Car...
Read more:

We Hab Escaped Earf\'s Grabity
Read more:

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