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Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events Trivia News & Events
Trivia News & Events
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Watch: Unruly plane passenger tackled, tied up with seat belts -

News: Adult Toys Found on Power Lines
Older piece of news, but still funny. Hundreds of phallic sex toys have been seen hanging in recent

News: Man Breaks Into Home, Hides Under Bed for Three Days
I can’t stop laughing. Right in my state of NJ, we have this: Police say a man sneaked into a

The Selfie
It is always interesting to hear about selfies. Some of the most interesting stories in recent times

Good Help Is Really Hard To Find...And Other Stinky News
I seem to remember a snappy little blogger who made me smile. What was her name? Normal’s Voic

Funny news video clips
There are several online videos of funny news clips.  I like when they can be found in one location.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has some advice
U Shld Be Smoking — Cameron (@wizkhalifa) April 15, 2012 For reasons we don’t quite understand

Tips And Tricks For Drinking
Read more:

Funny news clips
These are some seriously funny news clips: By: William U

17 Magical Spots To Escape To In London
Off the beaten path. View this image › BuzzFeed / Flickr: garryknight / Flickr: londonlooks We recen

Mom, Can I Eat This Kid?
Read more:

‘Sounds awfully like ‘meh”: Obama’s ‘mad as hell’ act fails to deliver at VA presser [pic]
So this presser is simply so the president can demonstrate that he's angry-angry? — Gabrie

Washington Post covers up arrival of zombie apocalypse?
Body found in the Potomac, Park Police turned "infestation" over to MPD, according to WaPo

It’s come to my attention more than a handful of times how incredibly “Patriotic”

Unbelievable!!! Check out the penalty for stealing 7 pieces of meat
A 28-years old man was sentenced to one month in prison by an  Ota Magistrate’s Court, Ot

GUYS!! What Would You Do Is This Guy Slapped Your Girl’s Butt? (Photo)
Question asked by an American personal trainer. What would you do? But keep his size in mind before

Lol!! Caption This Hilarious Photo Of A Woman Withdrawing Money From ATM
When your bank account says “O” and you don’t want people to see  :)

If You Were The One Marking This WAEC Script, What Would You Do? (See Script)
Lets assume you were one of those marking the recently concluded waec/ssce, what would you to this s

Pregnant Married Woman caught Doing It with Her Secret Lover (Photo)
You are married and claim to be pregnant for your husband but you are still engaging in “monkey play

You Haven\'t Seen Anyone Give Up On Life As Hard As These Subtitle Writers Who Worked During Kanye\'s Concert
Flickr / Steve Jurvetson Apparently the folks at BBC who were in charge of writing the subtitles for

Pakistani News Anchor Behind The Camera Very Funny Must Watch

BREAKING: Family Sues Crayola for Gay Son
It is any parent’s nightmare to wake up one day and have a child tell them he was gay. But tha

Another great monthly news blooper compilation
Another month, another monthly news blooper compilation, courtesy of NewsBeFunny.   Can’t

French Parents Forbidden By Court From Naming Their Baby Girl Nutella
Ella just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 1. A French court has ruled that a baby girl cannot be n

‘Admin is pissed off beyond belief\': Time for Wasserman Schultz to ‘say bye’?
How ya feelin, @dwstweets? — H (@Tark31) September 17, 2014 We’re guessing … not all that grea

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